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Unveiling Nature's Finest: Our Unique Eco-Friendly Charcoal Collection

Charcoal Pellets

Finely powdered charcoal, organic binder, and water pass through a high-capacity production line for meticulous mixing and molding before undergoing thorough drying. The Charcoal Pellet serves as a versatile solution for Tandoori Ovens, Barbeques, Cooking, or Space Heating. It stands out as a clean, high-quality, and modern alternative to traditional charcoals. Each packet contains 2.7 kg of pellets.


“This sustainably produced charcoal is crafted with a commitment to environmental well-being and community support. A significant portion of your purchase directly benefits members of the communities involved. Each 1.5 kg lump of charcoal is meticulously created from high-quality hardwood, utilizing advanced technology for a premium and eco-conscious product.”

Black Stove

After years of hard work exploring affordable, durable, and functional stoves for briquettes, our Black Stove was developed. Featuring a thick clay lining and an internal air jacket within the metal skin for enhanced safety from burns and higher fuel efficiency. This stove includes a unique feature that extends the period of briquette use, doubling its effectiveness at lower heat settings. Embraced by users for its exceptional performance, the Black Stove stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.


As our inaugural product, our bee-hive shaped charcoal briquette holds a special place in our journey. Available in two sizes—3″ and 1.5″—packed in rolls of 3 pieces and 6 pieces respectively, this unique creation gained popularity for space heating during frequent power cuts in Nepal. Beyond its conventional use, it has become a preferred choice for new fathers seeking a cleaner alternative for massaging their newborns and their mothers in Nepal.

Available in All Major Supermarkets